How To Work Out at Home and Why It’s Better than a Gym Membership

how to workout at home

Learning How to Workout At Home Is The Future of Fitness

There seems to be an endless supply of gadgets and contraptions that promise to teach you how to workout at home.  While these crazy contraptions seldom ever seem to get the job done, home fitness has excelled in other areas, such as fitness programs on DVD.

But you may be wondering, once you know how to workout at home, can you get as good of a workout as you can in the gym?  The answer is NO.  You can get a MUCH MUCH MUCH BETTER workout.

Let’s go over why the gym just aint cutting it anymore. First off, the idea of going to the gym is too much of an EVENT for most people.

You have to pack up your gym clothes, get in the car, drive to the gym and park, swipe your membership card, head into the locker room, find an available locker, change, then head out into the actual gym.

All this happens even BEFORE you do a single work out.  And then once it’s time to workout, you have to wait for an available machine or weights, or even sometimes share those weights with others when it’s super busy.  Then when you finally get your workout in, you have to head back into the locker room, then into the car, then come home, and unload.  That’s a lot of steps just to get a workout in!  And thinking about all those steps makes it easy for someone to find excuses to not workout.

However, for those who know how to workout at home, think of all the steps, distractions, and most importantly, excuses that ARE NOT going to get in the way.  When all you have to do is change clothes, walk 10 steps into the living room and press play on a DVD, you save so much time, you cut down that process so much, that you really have to look for a reason not to workout.

Learning how to workout at home is a huge time saver.

Remember all that waiting and sharing you have to do at a gym?  There is so much time wasted just sitting around.  When you are using a top notch fitness program, every second has been already worked out ahead of time of how it needs to be spent to get you the best workout possible.  Whether it’s stretching, cardio, resistance training, cooling down, etc., every minute you’re working out at home is moving you in the right direction.

Speaking of that whole sharing thing, one reason I particularly am happy I learned how to workout at home, and will never step foot into a gym, is that growing up as an only child, I didn’t have to do too much sharing.  So, knowing that when I’m using my set of weights in my bedroom during my workout that I don’t have to let anyone else use them, really makes my day.

When you take the huge time wasting, excuse prone, production that is going to the gym, and just simplify it to getting your calorie burn in, it makes exercising so much more accessible.  All the thinking and planning has been done for you.  There is no guess work, the top notch trainers that create these programs make it so all you have to do is just show up and push play.

Why would anyone even doubt that knowing how to workout at home is the way to go?

One last point, many of these programs come with multiple dvd’s (up to a dozen), plus a calendar telling you what to do on what days, AND a nutrition plan.  Oh, and once you purchase it, you aren’t paying a monthly fee like you are at the gym, or by session like you do with a personal trainer.  So, aside from everything else, knowing how to workout at home is the cheapest way to go!

To be fair, there is one area where the gym does trump over home fitness: sweaty bodies in tight clothes bending and contorting in all sorts of positions.  Sure, there are fit, attractive people on the DVD’s, but it’s just not the same as in person.

So, the gym scores a point there.  Of course, if you focus all your time and energy on learning how to work out at home and actually GETTING THE RESULTS, then with the confidence you will have after all that work, you can focus on getting those people’s numbers instead of watching them from across a sea of treadmills.

Want to see the best home based fitness programs on the planet?  I should know, I owe the shape I am currently in to them:

See what turned me from fat to fit.

Now get off the damn couch!  :)   Oh, and it would probably help to know what foods to eat, wouldn’t it?

Yours in Success,

Dan Ferraro

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