The Best Job For Actors That Isn’t Really A Job At All

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The best job for actors in order to make sure your passion for the craft comes first is not going to be . . .

. . . waiting tables or interior design or an event planner like so many people say.  You know why?

Because it’s a J-O-B.  Even it if you are completely freelance and don’t have a “boss” to say, you still have clients, deadlines, obligations, and a million other things take suck up your time and freedom, which are essential to realistically pursuing a career in acting.

Actually, let’s dig a little further.  What are the two things an actor, or any artist really, needs to pursue their dream?

Money and time.

Money for headshots, classes, workshops, and seminars.  Time to go on auditions, and of course attend all those classes, etc.  And time to actually ACT.  Whether it’s a one day commercial gig or 4 weeks on an independent feature, an actor needs to be able to do that.

So, really, the ideal job for actors would give them the time, freedom, and monetary compensation to do all that, but the reality is, no J-O-B will allow you to do that.

Think about it, what traditional job for actors would give you that sort of freedom and flexibility?  If you are working a food service gig or any sort of desk job, you have to ask for time off from your boss, or find someone to cover your shift.  Or if you are someone who has to deal with clients, you have to put off projects, or just turn them down all together, but then you don’t get the money you need to help you survive.  Ugh!

But there’s good news, for there is a better way . . . entrepreneurship.

You may be thinking “Woah, slow down!  You mean . . .owning my own business?  That will take tons of money to invest, hours and hours of time, years to develop…I thought you were going to tell me how the find a job for actors that will allow me to pursue my dream, not have it taken away?!”

I am not talking about buying a McDonalds or starting a small business, I am talking about the world of Home Based Business.  It allows you to set your own hours, work from home, and create your own income with little to no risk and barely any overhead.

And to build your business, you just share the opportunity with others.  By others, I mean those that want more out of life, who don’t want to another faceless corporate zombie, those with ambition, and those who see that they are meant for greater things.

I personally can’t think of any type of person more ambitious, passionate, driven, and fearless than an aspiring actor who wants nothing more than to be on the big screen.  The competition is fierce, rejection can be a daily thing, so an actor’s skin is tough, and their morale is even tougher.

As an actor, not only do you already love talking to people and sharing your passion anyway, but you are already connected to a network of other artists who have such a deep desire and drive to succeed, that they will do whatever it takes to make it happen.  Imagine having a team of hungry, driven, bold, fearless entrepreneurs on your side?

The best part however, is that it is leveraged.

That means that not only do you make money based on your efforts, but on the efforts of others, so when you are off working on your craft or being on set, you can still be making money by the work of others on your team.

If you want to keep being someone who tells everyone that you are an “actor” but really you are just another struggling waiter, then keep doing what you are doing.  But if you want to be able to be your own boss, and have the time/freedom to pursue acting on a full time basis, then you have to ditch the “employee” mindset and start taking control of your income.

Because in the end, the perfect job for actors . . .  is no job at all.

And you deserve to follow your dream, don’t let anyone take that away from you.

Speaking of dreams in the entertainment industry, take a look at one of mine coming true when I got to work the red carpet of the Golden Globes, where I shot a blog about Why Entrepreneurs Don’t Need a Plan B.

To Your Success,

Dan Ferraro

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2 Responses to “The Best Job For Actors That Isn’t Really A Job At All”

  1. Lynnette Holmes Says:


    I loved this article! I’m an actress and it’s exactly why I am work my home-based business. I see it as my ticket to having the time to do what I really love and the money to afford all of what it takes to get started as a serious actress.

    Thanks for the encouragement!

    Lynnette Holmes


  2. DFerraro Says:

    I want to see every actor and actress succeed…I really feel this is the best way to go about it. Thanks for the great comment, Lynnette!


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